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How ReMitts Began

ReMitts started when Janet Tupy admired “upcycled” mittens – mittens made from old sweaters – at a gift shop.

“I remembered reading about a pastor in a small church who gave each member of the congregation $100 with the charge to ‘grow’ the money and donate the proceeds,” said Janet. “I thought, ‘What could I do with $100 dollars of seed money? How much could I grow for a good cause?’”

When she saw the upcycled mittens, she knew immediately what she could do with $100. Even though she hadn’t sewn in many years, she thought, “I could do this!” She gathered a few friends, they found a pattern, bought some wool sweaters at a thrift store, and made their first mittens. The year was 2009, and their goal was to raise $1,000 to donate to local food pantries. They raised $4,000 and ran out of mittens!

By taking something that was destined for the landfill and repurposing it, ReMitts and the customers who locate the mittens are feeding hungry people.